Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013

My 365...

We are enjoying a beautiful Autumn day today.  Blake is off from school today and tomorrow because of teacher meetings, so we both got to sleep in this morning.  That was absolutely glorious!

We were sitting down for lunch when the phone rang.  Blake answered, and it was one of my clients who knows I am the only one to answer the phone, so they kept right on talking thinking Blake was me.  He handed me the phone and said..."OMG, They thought I was you...I feel violated!"  LOL, He is so funny. There is not a day goes by that Blake does not make me laugh.  I love this kid.  :)

Casey was off today too, and received his first pay-check in the mail.  Yay Casey!  He quickly went to the bank to open a bank account, and when he got home, he invited Blake to go with him to Hastings so that he could buy his little brother a video game.  How awesome is he?

My sons are amazing.  I thank God every day for such an awesome family.

It was way too windy for a bike ride, so instead we enjoyed a nice, peaceful day of chill.  That is good to have every now and then.  Tomorrow Casey and I meet with the surgeon!

Hope your day was a good one planet!

Blake decided to rake the leaves today.
 Dozer had other plans.


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You can hear how windy it is today.

Music I am listening to today...Lincoln Brewster , Today is the Day

Random Link of the Day...Pumpkin Fries

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