Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

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Yay it is here...October!  I love it!

The only signal to Autumn that I don't like is that good watermelons are gone.  All that is left is tasteless, pale, pathetic little wannabe watermelons that taste more like cucumber.  *sigh*  I still wish we had a good year round supplier of that delicious fruit.

I had some delightful surprise visitors last night.  Amber stopped by with the babies after she dropped Brandon off at work.  It has only been a little over a week since I have seen them, but oh my goodness how they have grown!  Cooper is getting so tall!  He is as funny and handsome as ever.  And Penny, she is a little living doll.  She is so sweet and so content.  Just like her big Cooper, her smile lights up the room.  They are both precious.

Blake and I enjoyed a bike trip to the grocery store this evening.  I bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies to start our Shaytober month off on the right foot.  Eating healthy is so important.  No more junk food in my house!

Hope you had a great day planet.  :)

A gorgeous first day of October.
And a beautiful day for a bike ride.
 Blake helping pack the groceries on the bike.
 Pretty good grocery haul for my old bike.  All healthy choices too.

Pictures of the grandbabies from last night.  :)
Cooper's smile lights up the room.

Precious baby Penny.

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