Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2, 2013

My 365...

Why does eating 3 meals a day have to be so difficult?  I am determined to start eating better this month, so that I can be the healthiest me ever.  I have no vices, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not do any recreational drugs...I already have to take too many medications for my RA...and I exercise regularly.  Wait, is chocolate a vice?  Nah...chocolate is a vegetable, the "Googles" told me so.  I am not in the best shape I could be in.  Garrett and Kori are in amazing shape, they work hard at it, and they are helping me with a good diet plan.  The problem I am encountering is that it is too much food!

I made some chicken breast last night with zucchini, Brussels sprouts and sweet potato.  I served a small plate, and I could not finish it.  Too much food.  When I got up this morning, I scrambled an egg with a little bit of cheese and sliced red pepper on a piece of whole wheat toast...could not finish it.  Too much food.  What the heck?  I would have been satisfied with a nice warm cup of Earl Gray and a piece of toast.  My body is used to eating one meal a day...whenever I feel like it.  But I am not ready to give up yet!  I have to kick this body out of starvation mode, and into a nice healthy speedy metabolism.  The dogs love it because they are the lucky recipients of my leftovers. I can do this right?  Just remember, frequent small meals.  Blech!

Today is Blake's last day of school for the week.  There are teacher meetings on Thursday and Friday, so we get to enjoy an awesome 4-day weekend!  I am hoping the weather holds out so we can get some good riding in.  Casey has an appointment on Friday with the maxillofacial surgeon so we can schedule Casey's jaw surgery.  I am so excited for him, but worried at the same time as I know first hand how difficult that journey can be.  No one wants to have surgery, but it is really necessary for Casey.  I know he will do great, and will get through this with flying colors like he gets through everything in life.  My Casey...he is a bad ass.

Hope you are having a great day planet!

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 *Disclaimer*  Miss Lilly is supposed to be a ghosty, not a member of the KKK!  

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 "Miss Lilly..."
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"Too far mama...sometimes you go too far."

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