Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

My 365...

I was laying in my bed last night, enjoying some Youtube videos, when I hear a quiet knock on the bedroom door.  It was almost 2:00 AM, so I figured one of the boys couldn't sleep and needed some mama time.

"Come in?"

I was my daughter-in-law Amber, and my precious grandson Cooper.  Amber had to drive into town to pick-up Brandon from work at 3:00am, and little Cooper could not sleep and wanted to come with mommy.  I am so glad they came early.  We enjoyed a fun little get together on my bed, laughing, talking and watching Youtube videos.  Then Cooper snuggled up with uncle Blake to play some video games.  It was awesome!  When it was time to go pick Brandon up, Amber left Cooper with us.  This was a great plan, because then I got to give my son Brandon a great big hug, and hear all about his first day.

I feel so bad that Amber has to be driving around so early in the morning, being that baby could come at any moment.  So i told her to come spend the evenings with us every day until the baby comes.  Blake and I would LOVE that, and this way I know they are safe.  And...I get to give Brandon a daily squeeze. :)

I love my family.  The boys are so amazing. They truly are my gifts.  Amber and Kori are the daughters that any mom would dream of sharing a life with, and the sisters that any boys would be proud to have.  We are all so different, and each of us has our quirks, but one thing is absolutely certain...we love each other.  We are our own little village.  Cooper is surrounded by love, nurturing and guidance, and the new baby will be as well.  We have each other's back, and nothing can come between us.

"I love you my family!!!"

And happy Tuesday planet.  Hope your day has been amazing!

He is only 11 years old, but Blake is the "best" uncle on the planet.  :)

Amber and Cooper are here to spend the evening, yay!  And Cooper baked me a chocolate cake too.  

Helping uncle Garrett feed the fish.

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