Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

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Hello Monday!  :)

Blake and I are enjoying a nice peaceful day together.  It is a bit too hot for a bike ride, but the weatherman promises cooler weather later in the week.  It is in the 90's today, and will be back down to the 70's mid week.  That makes for much nicer biking adventures.

Today is also the calm after the storm day.  Father's Day around here is a bit of a downer.  You have to have an awesome father to celebrate the day, and lately, their father falls short of awesome.  You see their father works very hard, and he is a great provider, but in every other aspect of fatherhood he falls painfully short.

I decided to confront Jack yesterday because his behavior of late has been over the top ridiculous, and as a family, we have had enough.  As I tried to reason with him, get angry with him. get emotional with him, my eldest son did something he has never done.  He walked in as not only a loving son, but a tall, strong, proud, grown man and said to his father..."You WILL listen to me."

Jack sat there quietly, and listened for the first time ever as Garrett told his father..."This is what your actions have done to me."  Jack realized he had no ground to stand on.  Together Garrett and I presented the situation, and offered a solution with...."We love you, however, this is your last chance to get it right."  At this point in life he has two choices, he can man up and be the father and grandfather I know he is capable of being, or he can continue to live in a past full of grudges, anger, petty hatred, and crawl under the nearest rock, spending the rest of his days a sad, angry, lonely old man.  Honestly, the choice is his.  The boys and I have reached our limit, and we will take his nonsense no more.  Done.  Finito!

I suppose only time will tell, but the ground rules have been established and the ball is in his court. The boys, Amber, Kori and I have a healthy, loving relationship.  We love each other, and we love life.  For whatever reason, Jack has been trying to undermine that for years, and it no longer works.  Jack lives in some twisted, negative rendition of his past.  He obsesses on the negative, and never sees the good in anyone or anything.  What a ridiculous way to live.

For me right now the focus is helping Casey decide what to do post high school, and prepare Blake for main stream school next year.  Thank GOD I have Garrett and Brandon who love and support their little brothers.  They love them so much, and I am thankful for their love, leadership and guidance.  I am so proud of the men they are.

Jack can either be part of the picture in a healthy way, or he can leave once and for all.  I am willing to direct him in finding the help he needs, but the rest is up to him.  I hope for his sake, he chooses family.  We do love him, but we are done being sad.

I am writing all of this in my blog to remind myself that an important step towards healing has been taken. The line in the sand has been drawn.  There will be no more second, third and fourth chances.  Time does not wait for people to bust a brain cell and get it right.  Time marches on.  No more rose colored glasses for my boys and I.  The time is now, and this is a great thing.  :)

Hope your day has been a good one planet!
Amber and Brandon gave Blake a comfy bean bag chair this weekend.  He decided to trade his desk for the coffee table, and his desk chair for a bean bag.  He loves his new space.  :)

Garden update.  Blake's tomatoes are coming along nicely.  :)

Big brother photo  :)

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This is the first thing I see in the morning.  The nose knows.

Music I am listening to today...Emerson Hart , If You're Gonna Leave

Random Link of the Day...Strawberry Basil Lemonade

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