Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013

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I had a great day today.  My daughter-in-law invited me to go with her to visit her midwife.  She is just over 37 weeks now, and the baby could come at any time.  It was a pleasure meeting her midwife, and seeing the place where she will be delivering my new grandchild.  Cooper was born by midwife at the same facility.  I can see why Amber loves it so much, the staff is very nice, and the midwife is awesome.  The office is very warm and welcoming, and the exam rooms are decorated like comfortable little bedrooms instead of stark, cold exam rooms with uncomfortable tables.  Certainly a place I would have loved to welcome my babies into the world. I can see why Amber and Brandon chose them to deliver their babies.

The midwife invited Blake and I into the room to listen to baby's heartbeat.  It was awesome to hear that magical sound.  POA's little heart sounded perfect.  I say "POA" because we do not know if the baby is Penelope or Archer.  Boy or girl?  How exciting!  It was very special moment, and of course I video-taped it.  You know me world, I want to record every single moment I can.

After the appointment, we stopped at the park so Cooper and uncle Blake could play.  It was a gorgeous day today, and a perfect family day.

Thank you Amber and Brandon for letting Blake and I come along.  :)

"I see you grandma!"

 "Dr. Cooper will see you now."

 "Oh look a puddle!"  He is all boy that grandson of mine.  :)
 My handsome son and his beautiful wife.
 Uncle Blake is the coolest uncle on the planet.  And the most fun too.

 Cooper sneaking up on a mama duck and her babies.

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"Where have you been all day woman?"

Music I am listening to today...Ry Cuming , Always Remember Me

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