Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8, 2013

My 365...

"EXHALE" *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

Wow, it is now 11:20 P.M., and this is the first opportunity I have had ALL day to exhale.  It has been a marathon day, and I happy to report that I have crossed the finish line, no worse for wear.  And waiting for me at the finish line, cheering me home, were my babies.  Goodness, I do love my babies.  <3

The day started out a little rocky.  My significant other said a thing or two that put me in that mental place where I do not belong.  You know the one...where regret, anger and angst reside.  The list of things I had to get done was so long today, that I did not have time for anger or angst.  So what to do?

For me it is either scream and yell like a hooligan, behavior that can come easily to a passionate woman of Mexican and Irish  But I don't like to do that.  Passionate I am, but scream and yell and throwing things is not my style.

Option two, curl up in the fetal position and cry like a baby.  Nope, that is not me either.  I am entirely too strong for that sort of behavior.

Option three, and one that I use often, redirect!  I put my head, my heart and my spirit into over drive, got everything done that needed to be done, then proceeded to rearrange all the furniture in my immediate space.  Ahhhhh, feels SO great now!  I know, I know, I just did that very thing not that long ago, but this time I flipped the room completely around and it looks and feels fabulous honey!

More importantly, I restored the calm and happiness to my head, my heart and my spirit.

I am so blessed.  When I am having a hard day, the boys and Kori take the time to let me know they are here for me and they love me.  Let me tell you what planet, I am one lucky mama to have such loving people in my world.  My nephew Eric was here from me today as well.  He is such a kind loving spirit.  "Thank you Garrett, Kori, Casey, Blake and Eric.  I love you guys SO much!"  <3

More good news...I get to see my son Brandon this weekend!  Goodness I have missed him soooooo much.  Brandon asked me if I could watch Cooper tomorrow.  My grandson is spending the day and night with me.  Brandon has to bring him, so I get a much needed, and much missed bear hug from my honey Brandon.  The boys and I are so excited to have Cooper here too.  This is going to be an awesome weekend planet.  :)

Remember me telling Blake, "There will be NO rodents in my house EVER!"...remember that?

Blake is a very determined individual.  He gets that from his mama.  I finally told him today, that if he wrote an essay for me stating why he wanted a hamster, the advantages of owning a hamster, and what is required to properly care for a hamster, I would consider it.

Well, he did just that.  It was a perfect essay, well written with all very valid information, and a great deal of fun facts about hamsters.  I am quite of proud of him.

Big brother Garrett took Blake to the pet store this afternoon, and bought him a hamster and everything he needs to care for one.  How awesome is Garrett?  He is the best big brother on the planet!

 Introducing...Yoshi!  I have to admit, she is one cute little bug.  :)

And goodness can this little bug run!  She ran all around the house today in her hamster ball.  It was very comical to watch.
A very happy Blake today.  <3  Thank you Garrett.

***Doggy Daily***

Casey and Stella enjoying a little "chill" time with me this afternoon.  

Music I am listening to today...The Verve , Bittersweet Symphony

Random Link of the Day...Shrimp Gumbo

The Daily V...
 Why thank you for noticing, I agree.  :)


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