Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

My 365...

Another perfect day in my world today.  Define perfect you ask?  Good mood, good karma, happy head, happy heart, happy spirit...just being with the people I love.  My boys and Kori.  I wish Brandon, Amber and Cooper could have been with us, but that is a bit hard in the middle of the week when they don't live in town.

We celebrated son Casey's 18th birthday today with his favorite meal, his daddy's stuffed/baked bell peppers.  Then I baked him a cake.  Of course it was a box cake...mama is no baker! (Thank God we do have a baker in the family...son Brandon's wife Amber is an amazing baker!)  And of course there were no candles, that would be breaking with tradition.  I ALWAYS forget the

Casey was so funny last night, running around the house acting like a complete hyper nut-case.  I asked him...

"What are you doing son?  You are driving me crazy!"

His answer...and excuse the language...

"Tomorrow I am going to be grown-ass man.  Mom, this is my last chance to be a kid."

I have to admit, we had a good laugh over his comment.  His nickname from this day forward is "GAM."  I think you can figure out why.  (Grown-Ass Man...gasp!)  :P

Casey reports that he does feel different today...and he likes it.  I am now the mother to three GAMs.  I told Blake he better slow down the growth rate.  I am not ready for him to be...a GAM.

Happy Birthday my darling Case.  <3

I had the color and light settings on the camera all wrong, but at least I captured some moments.  That is what I get for not having Garrett check the camera BEFORE I took pictures.

Yummy baked stuffed Bell Peppers "ala" Jack.

The cake with no candles...because mom forgot.  It is tradition ya know.
Big brother Garrett and his girlfriend Kori.  They got Casey Skyrim for Xbox. Thanks guys!

***Doggy Daily***
 "Ermahgerd!  Is that Birthday cake I smell?"

Music I am Listening to today...Holly Brook , Curious

Random Link of the Day...Weeknight Meat Sauce with Rigatoni

The Daily V... yourself a favor, build a bridge.  :)


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