Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013

My 365...

Happy Wednesday Planet!

May I take a moment to rant just a bit?

Casey turned 18 last week, so it was time to go to the DMV and get him his ID.  I called to be sure we had all the documents required, birth certificate, social security card, proof of residence and an additional photo ID.  That is a problem, Casey has never had a photo ID.  Having been in Idaho Virtual Academy for the last five years, and has never needed one.  Living with a mom who takes 100 photos a week, I have never paid to have school photos taken.  The agent pulled up a list of additional documents required if you do not have a photo ID.  Those would be immunization records or medical records.  No problem, I have all of them.

I gathered all the necessary information, and Jack took Casey to the DMV.  First question out of their mouth..."Where is your photo ID?"  Hello, we don't have one, that is why we are here!  And Jack showed them the "additional" documentation they requested.  Not good enough.

I called IDVA and asked them to fax me a proof of compliance form, certifying that Casey is who he says he is, and he is actively attending IDVA.  I got records from his Orthodontist which included detailed front and profile photos, dental xrays, and photos of his teeth!  I printed his prescription records from Walgreen's pharmacy, and added his medical insurance card, dental insurance card and library card to the STACK of documents, which also included his foot prints from birth, and a full set of fingerprints taken by a "Missing Children's" organization booth at a school fair one year.  I have Casey and Blake's prints saved away.  I thought it would be a good idea.  They went back to the DMV and guess what?  Insufficient proof of identity, another NO GO.

Shy of paying for a DNA test, I was at a loss for what to do?  Casey has not attended regular school for five years.  So I called the Boise School District, and asked them for his transcript from elementary school and Jr. High.  Luckily, when she pulled up his record it included photos of Casey when he was 6, 7, 8 and 11 years old.  Casey has changed SO much since then, but I had her fax that documentation to me and to the DMV.  And....drum roll please...Casey now has an identity!  It took a seven year old picture to prove he was who he was claiming to be, when a birth certificate, social security card, medical records, insurance card, certificate of school compliance, library card, and freaking finger prints and dental records could not.  OYE Idaho...Dubya-tee-eff mate?

It really was a complete pain in the posterior, and I hope I do not ever have to deal with that sort of bureaucracy ever again, but Casey is now an official human being...inhabitant of the United States of America...planet earth.  Never mind that he, his father and I were born and raised in this have to PROVE you are an American Idaho'an before you can consider yourself to be one.

Rant over.  :)

Hope your day was great!  The rest of my day has been fabulous.  :)
I am an American!
 Watching after his little princess Yoshi in her carriage.
Us girls have to stick together in this house full of boys.  The lovely Ms Kori and Miss girls. I should have added Miss Stella and Miss Yoshi to the :)

***Doggy Daily***
"What the heck is this?"
 "Yes your majesty, your wish is my command!"
 "Dozer?  What are you doing?"
 "Guarding the princess mama."
 "She says I can not move from this spot until she releases me."
 "I hope it is soon...I really have to pee."

***Yoshi Cam!***

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