Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19, 2013

My 365...

Hello Tuesday.  :)

Blake is feeling a bit under the weather.  His day started off not so great when he woke from a really bad dream, and he has felt a bit out of balance ever since.  Blake is so sensitive and sweet.  He is a rowdy tough boy, but very kind hearted like his big brothers.  I love that about him.  However, when he is feeling off, I feel off too.

He is growing too fast as well.  We were going through his clothes the other day, and almost all of his t-shirts are getting too small on him.  The new shoes I just bought him for Christmas are already getting tight.  Time to do some serious wardrobe shopping for Blake.  Why oh why do our babies have to grow so quickly? Especially boys, wow they grow fast!

My daughter Meagan is married with a son of her own, my son Brandon is married with a son of his own, and baby number two on the way, son Garrett is going to be 25 in March, and living a happy life with his honey Kori, son Casey just turned 18 and is so ready to fly.  As for son Blake, he is outgrowing all of his clothes and shoes on a daily basis.  I think I will crawl into bed and stay there for the next 10 years to see if I can slow this thing called "life" down a bit.

No, not really, life is good moving at a steady pace.  My babies are happy and living their best lives and Blake is today, will be tomorrow, and shall forever remain...my baby boy.  Even when he grows to be over 6 feet tall and can easily bench press a small car.  As for me, I have been plugged in to this parenting gig for almost 27 years now, and shall remain plugged in until the end of time.  Just call me a career mother.  :)

Have a great evening planet!

My baby boy.  Just don't tell him I call him that.  :)

***Doggy Daily***

***Yoshi Cam!***

"Psst...hey you!"
"Pardon me?  Are you addressing me, the queen of divas, Miss Lilly?"
"Yeah you Diva face, come here..."
"Just wanted to let you know, I am the new queen in town.  So take your place in the food chain Daisy."
"Excuse me!  First of all, my name is Miss Lilly NOT Daisy, and you better watch your step little ball of pocket lint, there is only room for one Diva in this house, and that diva is me!"
"Oh dear gawd, where did she go?"

Music I am listening to today...Sting, Fragile

Random Link of the Day...Ginger and Pork Dumplings

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