Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

My 365...

Happy Monday Planet!

This weekend I was asking Garrett about school, and how he is liking it thus far?  He loves it, however, he is taking one advanced class and the instructor for this class "barely" speaks English.  I am sure he is a brilliant man, but how do you communicate theories and lessons to your students clearly in VERY broken English?  He showed me an email from this professor, and it was in ALL CAPS, and made absolutely no sense what-so-ever.  Seriously Boise State University, you charge your students thousands and thousands of dollars for an education, clearly you need to provide educators who speak proper English.


I recommended that he try to change classes.  He is smart enough to figure out the assignments, and can learn from the written materials, that he paid entirely too much money for, but that is not the point.  This is unacceptable. Communication is critical to learning.  If you can not speak English, or in this case "barely" speak English, you should not be teaching at a major US University.  Unless of course you are teaching the language of your native country.  That would be interesting. Just saying....

This weekend Garrett purchased a GoPro3 to add to his camera arsenal.  My son is an amazing photographer.  He slipped the GoPro into his backpack, and recorded this class for me today.  In a word, instant brain implosion!  Okay, okay, that was three words.  The class looked half-asleep, and I could not understand a single word the instructor was saying.  Video was great quality  I feel terrible for his students, but I feel terrible for him as well.  It must be mighty stressful trying to teach in English, when your English is not so great.  Surely there is an App for this?

Monday Rant over....

It has been an amazing Monday.  I hit the ground running and have barely slowed down all day.  I was in the groove, and it felt great.  Mama Central is Online and working.  :)

Son Brandon shared some photos of his weekend adventures.  He, his lovely wife Amber and my precious grandson Cooper enjoyed a weekend at the McCall Winter Festival with a friend.  Looks like they had a wonderful time!  Friend Morgan took these awesome photos....

Hope your Monday was fabulous.
Mom Central Station is looking a bit crazy today.

I have had many desks throughout the years, being that I home office and have been for over 18 years now.  Big desks, HUGE desks, "L" shaped desks, "U" shaped desks, but have found that if I keep my work space a manageable size, I do not become quickly overwhelmed.
From this small spot I manage my home, my family and my career.  Home school lessons, continuing education for myself, doctor's appointments, home finance, work and school schedules, meal plans, medication schedules...etc...etc...etc. This is one INTENSE little corner spot...enter with extreme caution.  Mondays are CRAZY!

For dinner this evening, the boys requested some Ramen.  Yep....mama can do Ramen, MY way!
A little bit of Ramen noodles, with a whole lot of fresh chicken and veggies. 

 ***Doggy Daily***
My assistant Dozer...keeping one eye on mama to make sure she remains calm.  :)
Miss Lilly, keeping an eye on Dozer, who is keeping an eye on me.  What a team!

Music I am listening to today...Phillip Phillips , Home

Random Link of the Day...Gluten Free Triple Threat Brownies

The Daily V...


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