Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7, 2013

My 365...

Sing about it!  Today I noticed something about myself...I am always singing.  Whenever I am working, preparing lesson plans for the boys, cooking dinner, washing dishes or taking a shower, I sing.  It is what I do. Do I sing well?  Does it matter?  LOL, it does keep the spirit light, that much I know for certain.

Today has been a great day.  Not for any particular reason, just a really terrific day.  I am so thankful for my family, and for our life.  That is what brings on the good days like today.  So much love to give this family of mine.  We are here for each other through thick and thin.  There is no judgement, no ridiculous expectations, just pure and honest love and appreciation.  This makes my heart sing.

"Fa la la la la!"

Wasn't that lovely?

Line for autographs forms to the right.  (grin)

There are people in my life who do not live this way.  The moment they open their mouth, their words cut like a knife and they bring pain and misery to everyone in their world.  They dwell on imperfection, they live in the past, and forgiveness is a foreign concept.  They preach their dogma as frequently as they breath, however, they do not live by the concepts they the name of God.  Boat loads of hypocrisy.

I truly, sincerely, do not understand this phenomena.  Everyone knows, that you receive in life what you give.  All that projected anger and pain that they lash out of every pore of their bodies just comes back to them ten-fold.  Then they wonder why their lives are so incomplete? So desperate, dark and miserable?

This sort of spirit is not welcomed in my world.  Life is too precious to suffer avoidable pain.  Kinda silly don't you think?  Does this mean that I write these people out of my life forever?  Of course not.  If they are willing to wipe the mud off their feet, and the darkness from their spirit at the front door, they are welcome in my home anytime.  We have a lot of love to share here.  I will leave the porch light on.   <3

I have been trying to reach my aunt in Texas, because son Casey has been wanting to say hello, and hear her voice.  We were finally able to reach her today, and enjoyed a nice long phone conversation.  She is 94, and living in a nursing home in San Antonio.  She never gets any visitors, which makes me sad.  My nephew Eric visits her every opportunity he gets, and she loves seeing him.  I am hoping we can arrange for her to fly here to Boise and spend a while with us.  That would be awesome!

Well back to school, work and singing for me.  :)

Sing planet!  It is what makes the world go around.

My oldest son Garrett, and his girl friend Kori.  I made them stop for photos before they left for classes today.  They are the "power" couple!  I am in awe of these two.  They are so dedicated to each other, to life, to school, to fitness, to family.  Two truly amazing human beings.  And funny too!  They never take life too seriously.  They laugh a lot.  :)

Kori is in training for a fitness posing competition, and is doing SO well!  Garrett is a great trainer and support system for her.  They love this hobby. 

 "We are going to up!"  Garrett is so silly.

 Love.  :)

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