Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3, 2013

My 365...

Superbowl weekend YAY! Right? I am not watching, I am not much into bowling. I used to be, even bowled a 300 once.  I got a perfect score pin from my league, and the story made it into the newspaper in San Antonio. Blew my average though. Happy Bowling! 

*Insert wide evil grin here..tee hee*

I know the Superbowl has nothing to do with bowling!  LOL :)

We are not a TV football watching family.  Never have been...never will be.  Garrett played football all though school, however, even he would rather be at the gym working out with his honey Kori, or out running the dogs, not sitting on the couch watching TV.  Kori is in training for a Bodybuilding Posing competition.  Now that is exciting!  She is doing amazing too, Garrett is as well. They are so focused and dedicated those two.  We will be there to cheer her on to victory!   

Gooooo Kori!!

A family of couch potatoes, and arm chair quarterbacks we are not.  Not that there is anything wrong with that....just not for us.  Rock on.

To which ever teams are playing....GOOD LUCK!  *\0/*  Sis boom bah! 

Happy Sunday planet!  Hope your Monday is perfect too.

Just hanging out with mama today.  :)  Too cold, wet and gray to go outside.
 Our favorite snack.  Taking this.....
 ...and creating this.  Nice, fresh salsa.  Yummy and oh so healthy.

***Doggy Daily***
"Ahem, lets try to focus that camera where it belongs mama...on the diva!"

Music I am listening to today...Joe Brooks , Someday

Random Link of the Day...Chicken and Black Bean Nachos

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