Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013

Hello Tuesday.

Today has been a nice peaceful day.  Casey had a doctor's appointment this afternoon that went well.  Not as well as he had expected, but not the worst thing in the world either.  Casey will get through this little hick-up on the road of life.  He always does.  He is my hero.  :)

Today has been a day of Science and Literature.  When one home schools, one gets the advantage of learning old material all over again.  I am not complaining, it can be fun.  I have been out of school for a LONG time, so I usually have to go through the lessons myself before I can help the boys.  Go ahead, ask me anything!  I am getting smarter in my old age.  Yay me!

I want to take a moment to wish my favorite person on the planet, my nephew and my Godson a "Happy New Birthday!"  He has made some amazing breakthroughs in his life, and today is truly a day of celebration for him.  I am so proud of him, and the person he has become...his true self.  He is a young, intelligent, sensitive, insightful, warm and beautiful gay man, who stands tall and proud.  I am so blessed to be a part of his amazing life.  I love you Eric so much, and am so very proud of you.  <3  The world is a much better place having you in it.  Every day is a new day...every day is YOUR day.  Celebrate it.  :)

Hope your day has been uh-mazing.  Mine sure has been!

 "Uhmmmm Blake, what are you doing honey?"
 "I am reading my book...and exercising."
  "Elevated push-up....Booo-yah!"
 "Pretty Cool eh mom?"
"DUDE!  That is pretty epic son.  You are a rock star!  Can you do about 20 of those for me please?"

***Doggy Daily***

Dozer is perfecting the art of horizontal non-push-ups.  

"Good job Doz Doz."

Music I am listening to today...Chester See , Don't You Worry Child 

Random Link of the Day...Red Wine Brownies

The Daily V...


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