Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011

My 365...

I was so proud of myself last night, I managed to get to bed a bit early...before midnight.  When I woke up I felt nice and rested and ready to start my day.  I reached over to my cell phone to figure out why my alarm had not gone off at 6:30am?  There was a good reason for this....it was only 3:30am!  Ugh, really?  I knew if I tried to go back to sleep I would end up oversleeping and starting my day entirely too late to be productive.  One of these days my body will get the proper sleep cycle going.  One of these days....

The boys were up very late last night as well so they are really dragging today.  After the emotional weekend we had, I was not too pushy with getting them to go to bed as I figured they needed to have some chill time.    :)

We are all excited about the upcoming move.  It will be great getting a fresh start just before the holidays, and getting our family back where it needs to be.  We can leave all the garbage and baggage of the last two years behind and prepare to celebrate a great Holiday season.  I am looking forward to it.

My photos of the day...

 *** Doggy Daily ***
Music I am listening to today... Hinder

Random Link of the Day...Countdown to Thanksgiving, recipe #8

Until next time..."If it looks like dog poop, and smells like dog poop...newsflash, it is probably dog poop. Get a shovel."

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