Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011

My 365...

Despite getting off to a later start after another "all-nighter", this has been a very productive day.  Transfer dates for Cable TV/Phone/Internet, electricity, water and other misc. utilities have been set for the new house, and change of address for the postal service processed.  A 17 foot U-Haul reserved for the move and ready to go Wednesday night.  And appointment set to pick up the key for Wednesday as well.  The move is on!!

All that is left to do is pack, move and unpack.  The fun stuff!  Thank goodness I have a healthy strong husband, and four strong healthy boys to do all the work.  Mama can stand at the sidelines with a loud whistle and a game plan.  lol  One thing I can say about hubby Jack is that he is the most meticulously organized human being I have ever met!  If anyone can handle a successful and "problem free" move he can. 

We are so excited for this new beginning and all the extra room.  It is going to be a wonderful start to this year's Holiday season.  I am so thankful for everyone and everything in my life.  :)

My photos of the day....

Hot fresh salsa!  The boys are having pizza for dinner tonight (mama is not fond of pizza at all) so Brandon has offered to make me some fresh home made salsa. 

The smell of roasting peppers is heaven!

My photos of the day...

Salsa fixings...
I will post a picture of the finished goodness.  :)

**Update** Salsa goodness!  It is so fresh and delicious!  Thank you Brandon.  :)

*** Doggy Daily ***
"What's up cranky pants?"
 "Miss Lilly, you needed a bath!"
 "I know what will make you feel better..."
Music I am listening to today...The Weepies

Random Link of the Day...Countdown to Thanksgiving, recipe #18

Until next time..."Have an amazing weekend!"

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Good luck with the move! And love those doggie pics :-) Our four legged fur babies can't help but make one smile.

Veronica said...

Thank you Deb, I appreciate it! And you are so right, never a dull moment with these fur-babies. :)

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