Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011

My 365...

I just got back from a nice long walk with Jack, Blake and the dogs.  I love walking, and so far my body seems to like it okay too...thank goodness!

We have an appointment to see another house tomorrow that I am very excited about.  It is not the same neighborhood we are in now (which I love), but another neighborhood that we used to live in that is close to parks, school, shopping and fun.  We were approved for the home we looked at earlier this week, but they are asking for a ridiculously high pet deposit that I am not sure I am willing to pay.  We have great dogs...not destructive or obnoxious don't try to screw me with a huge pet deposit!  Not nice!

The house we are looking at tomorrow was much more flexible with the dogs so it may be the right choice for us.  The house is much bigger than this one as well, and it has a nice large fenced yard which I have to have!  We shall see.  :)  I have a weekend of house hunting planned.

Other than that, life is good.  I had a teacher conference with Blake's advisor today and she is laying out a plan to move him along quicker.  I think he is getting a little bored with the current curriculum and is ready to jump ahead a bit.

My photos of the day...

 *** Doggy Daily ***

Supra giving Garrett's girlfriend Kori a hug.  <3

Music I am listening to to day...Lady Antebellum

Random Link of the Day...Countdown to Thanksgiving, recipe #3

Until next time..."You try to talk to me during The Vampire Diaries and I will bite you!"

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