Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

My 365...

All I needed was a nap.

Waking up entirely too early when one has had no sleep the night before, is never a good idea.  After an hour of working, and nice long steamy shower, I afforded myself a bit of a nap, and the planets have once again aligned and all is right with my world.  It is snowing outside, but I love watching the snow.  I never get tired of winter.

A friend of mine posted the funniest FaceBook status.  She wrote..."Is in Tupperware hell. Why did I think it was a good idea to sort through it?! More lids than bottoms!!!"

Leave it to me to find a parallel to my life.  I have a slew of bottoms but no lids!  Much like my life....so many unresolved issues.  Like Tupperware with no lids, I have situations with loved ones that remain uncovered...unresolved.  A few have temporary cover so they can be tucked away, but I worry that over time the contents of those situations might spoil.  I love, I need, resolution.  I am at the age where I want to talk about it, I want to fix things, but in many of these situations it is not up to me to fix or it is too late.  Or is it? 

I realized that I can resolve within my own heart the issues that still bother me even if the other party will have nothing to do with the issue, or worse yet, me.  Even if the other person is no longer here on earth, hearts can be repaired and an understanding can be reached so that life goes on.  And for those still alive and breathing on this earth, I can come to terms with what is holding me back, and I can heal what hurts me so that I can move on even if they would prefer to spoil like a poorly stored leftovers.

I will instill in my boys, Casey and Blake, that one should never walk away from a problem that bothers them, or tuck it away because the other party or parties do not have the courage to resolve.  They have the power within themselves to make it all better.  You can not build a solid foundation to your life on a cushion of hot air.  You may think you can, but eventually it will all come toppling down upon your head.

Current temperature is 34 degrees f.  It is supposed to warm up a bit, which would mean my snow may turn to rain but that is okay...I enjoy watching the rain as well.

My photo of the day...some random indoor color, on an otherwise very gray day.

Since I could not sleep last night, I watched all seven episode of Downton Abbey, from Masterpiece Theater on Netflix.  Really a terrific series!  My only complaint was that it ended entirely too soon!  At the end of the last episode there were too many unresolved issues.  But not to worry, it will be back next year.  : )

And to all the great women I know, Happy International Woman's Day!

Music I am listening to today, some Wynton Marsalis.

Until next time...


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