Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 2011

My 365...

What is it about all the news stories and images coming out of Japan that have me so completely transfixed to the T.V.?  I can not stop watching.  Do the images somehow prepare our subconscious minds with the knowledge we may need some day to survive such a disaster?  Is it the raw power of nature displaying such awesome force that makes it impossible to turn away?  Or perhaps it is our small way of being involved somehow just watching the drama unfold.  Seeing strangers coming to the aid of strangers, placing their own life in danger as the aftershocks continue to rock the fragile structures is heart warming.  It restores my faith in human kind.

I did read a post on Facebook that I did not understand.  The author of this post is as I know him to be a loving Christian, yet I found his post so disturbing.  It read;
"More devistating than the earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan is the thought of, as a result, how many souls were ushered into hell. Breaks my heart....."
What?  How can anyone assume such a statement?  My response was, "In my mind's eye I see God wrapping His loving arms around the victims and leading them home."  
It is mentality such as this that has made organized religion such a low priority in my life.  Who are "we" to judge others?  I prefer to believe in the greatness of all people.  To me, it makes no difference what your religious beliefs are, to me it makes no difference the color of your skin, your sexual preference, or your native language, all people are capable of living a good, honest and caring life.  All people are loved by God and are equally welcomed into His kingdom.  If that were not the case, His would not be a kingdom I would want to enter.  Perhaps I misunderstood his sentiment, perhaps I am the one who judges?  Something to think about...
*Update* Unfortunately I did not misunderstand his sentiment.  That makes me sad.  :(  It takes all kinds...  One word comes to mind, but it is not a kind word so I shall refrain.  One word I can say is "shortsighted", that is how I see this mentality.  
*Update-Update* Although I do not understand this mentality, I should not judge those who believe what they believe as that would make me no better than the sentiment that upset me in the first place.  :)
My photo of the day, my favorite beautiful "giving" tree is preparing her Spring dress.  She has some color!
I love this tree.  :)
Music I am listening to today, Zero 7
For all the people of Japan, God bless you and keep you safe.
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