Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2010

My 365...

I was sitting at my desk working and was wondering what the date was? Imagine my surprise when I realized it is Friday! Wow, I do not think Friday has ever snuck up on me so stealthfully before! It was a nice surprise, but then I have to wonder where the heck the week went in such a hurry...or the month of March for that matter.

My photo of the day...deliciously random...

I am looking forward to a weekend of Spring cleaning.  I hate clutter and am constantly throwing things away.  It is difficult since Jack has been home, because he saves everything!  My idea of cleaning is counters and shelves with very little on them.  If I am not using something, I put it away.  Jack on the other hand prefers organized chaos.  He is working this weekend, so I will go through like a bulldozer and take a trip to donate things we do not need.  I doubt seriously he will even notice.  : }

Music I am listening to today, Paramore.

Have an amazing weekend world!

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