Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

My 365...

We are enjoying a stormy afternoon here in Boise.  Major storms blowing in to our area, and I love it!  When we lived in Texas, stormy weather always made me nervous because as a child our home was flooded several times and it was a very traumatic experience.  We also had to worry about tornadoes.  Here in Boise, the only thing we worry about is the power going out.  That can be traumatic!  Imagine a world without technology.  *gasp*

My photo of the day...

One evening in Texas as I was bowling on a league night, and I bowled a perfect 300.  It was a fluke really, but the event made it to the local newspapers and was quite exciting.  I will never forget that night.  I qualified for The Texas Games, and we traveled to Dallas where I won a gold medal in my division.  The story on the 225 pin, our league president did not have any 300 pins as he had never met anyone who bowled a 300, so he gave me a 225 pin and told me he would order the 300 pin.  I never got that pin, but it did not matter to me.  I was not completely thrilled with my 300 score because it totally blew my average!  lol :)

I still have all my bowling equipment, but have not been bowling in years.  My RA has left my right hand a bit too sensitive to hold a bowling ball, but that is okay, I have my bowling memories!

Music I am listening to today, Spyro Gyra

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