Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

My 365...

It is downright balmy today at 57 degrees.  Spring is definitely on the way.  It has been raining and snowing most of the week, so everything is nice and green.  We will be planting some grass in the side garden, and I am looking forward to making it a nice outside space.  My first spring project. We are also going to plant a vegetable and herb garden this year.  Blake is so excited about it, and I am too!

We have two huge pine trees in the front yard that are always green and pretty.

I am feeling a bit off today, and I am sure it is just the weather.  It has been a long week, and we are very much looking forward to the weekend and Spring Break! 

I am reading a really good book, and it discuses our genetic emotional pathology, and it has me thinking a lot of my childhood and earlier years.  It is very strange, I have very few memories growing up and that really puzzles me.  Maybe I am just getting old and forgetful.  Maybe I just need to sit in a quiet room and meditate for a bit and try to remember my past.  I think more often then not it is all stored in the deep dark recesses of our brains when the memories are not so great to protect us, or prevent us from moving backwards instead of forwards.  Whatever my memories may be, it does not change my current path or the way I feel today, I am happy about life and about me...that is all that matters.  :)

Music I am listening to today, India Arie

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