Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

My 365...

Hello Saturday.  :)  A bit chilly today, however the sun is shinning.  Or should I say "was" shinning.  It is raining now, only the rain looks a bit frozen.  it is not rain, it is not snow, it is a little bit of "in-between-ness."

I had a nice long conversation with my auntie in Texas this morning.  She will be 92 in May, and I absolutely adore this woman.  She has always been like a mother to me.  She was telling me all about her adventures in San Antonio.  She did live here with me in Idaho for several years, but as she got older, she wanted to move back to San Antonio to be closer to family.  The sad thing is, no one ever visits or calls her.  She definitely has more family in me than she does with all the relatives back home.  There is an attorney she used to work for years ago, and he does take care of her like a mother.  I am so thankful for him.

My auntie is a very independent woman.  She no longer drives, so is forced to walk everywhere unless someone offers her a ride.  She was telling me that she never has to walk very far.  A stranger will always stop and offer to take her anywhere she wants to go.  Thank God there are still kind people left in the world!  I told her she should write all her adventures down as I believe it would make a great book!  She agrees.

My nephew wants to come visit this Spring, so I will ask him if he minds if auntie travels with him.  I miss her so much and I would love to have her back up here in Idaho with me.  Only this time I may not let her go back to Texas!  "I love you nana!"  <3

My photo of the day, Miss Lilly keeping an eye on my bran cereal I had for breakfast.  She is such an odd little dog.  I think she was willing it to "come to her", she loves bran cereal.  Silly Miss Lilly.

Have a wonderful day interwebs!

Music I am listening to today, Iron & Wine.

Until next is it well!


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