Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014

My 365...

It is only is not real life, right?  The boys and I have our Youtube families that we follow on a daily basis, and have been for the past five years.  These individuals vlog (video blog) their lives every single day.  You really get to know them, and it is as if they become part of the family.  When I say, "Guess what happened to Charles today?"  The boys know exactly who I am talking about.

One of the vloggers that we love is Charles Trippy.  Casey introduced me to his vlogs five years ago, and we have been following him ever since.  In the five years that we have followed Charles, he has traveled all over the world, gotten married, became the bass guitarist for the band We The Kings, and most recently, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He has had two surgeries and is now going through chemotherapy.  He even vlogged one of his brain surgeries on Youtube.  How crazy is that?  Last night, he announced that he and his wife are splitting up.  :*(  We are so sad for him.  As crazy as this sounds, he is like my 5th "virtual" son.  The boys were really upset about it too.  He has an amazing family though, and over a million fans and friends, so I know he will get through this.

Who do you follow on the Youtubes?

These are my favorites that I follow every single day.  I love them!

CTFxC - Charles Trippy.
Shaytards - An amazing family of five from Idaho who vlog their lives daily. The father, Shay, is in the process of creating a full feature film called "Vlogumentary."
Chris Pirillo - Chris and his lovely wife Diana live in Seattle, are expecting their first baby.
ItsJudysLife - Judy and Benji are a young couple in Seattle who have an 18 month old daughter, and just gave birth to twin girls.
Travis Clark - Lead singer for We The Kings
Danny Duncan - Drummer for We The Kings
The Saccone Jolys - A family in Ireland, who just had baby number two today!
FunForLouis - A young man from the UK who travels the world and has great adventures.

Phillip DeFranco, The Vlog Brothers, WheezyWaiter, Tobuscus, The Yogscast, OlgaKay, Rhett & Link, Daily Grace...and on, and on, and on.  Perhaps I need a Youtube intervention?  :)

These are just a few of my favorites, there are so many more.  Interesting phenomena....this Youtube thing. Better than prime time TV.

This is Youtube...

Thoughts and prayers for Charles Trippy as he continues along his journey of this thing called life.  <3

Until next time...

"Ohhh pretty flower, where is my camera?"

 I believe dandelions are a flower...not a weed.
  My handsome Dozer today, giving me a big Dozer smile.  :)
 Look, Bonnie Duck has a new man in her life!  Maybe I should create a Youtube vlog for
She came by to visit today with her new beau.  He is definitely not as handsome as Clyde was...may he RIP, so I shall name him..."Inigo Montoya, you killed my father...prepare to die."  *grin*

Music I am listening to today...Jennifer Blosil, Take it Home

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