Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5, 2014

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Happy Saturday planet!  It is a gorgeous day in Boise today.  So pretty in fact, I should be outside riding my bike.  But not today.  There is only one thing I love more than bike riding and photography, and that is new technology, and mama got some new technology.

After using the same old HP laptop for 4 years, I finally got a new PC.  I purchased the Acer Aspire AU5, and it is gorgeous!  It is a pretty face, with a lot of power under the hood.  The screen is huge, 23 inches, and it supports touch screen as well.  I am really enjoying the Windows 8 experience.  I did not think I would like Windows 8, but it is the perfect OS with a touch screen display.  I am so excited to work on my graphic art on this new baby.

And because tomorrow is my birthday, daddy and the boys got me a new tablet, the Samsung GalaxyNote 10.1 2014 Edition.  And wow, this little tablet does just about everything. It includes a S-Pen that uses Wacom technology, and has the most incredible screen resolution.  It also has voice command, so I can launch any application by talking to it.  The boys think it is pretty funny.  Every time I push the button to say a command, they throw a silly word or two out to confuse it.  lol :P

Yes, mama is very spoiled.  I am enjoying new technology overload, just as every good geek should.  :)

Everyone in the family got an upgrade too.  Daddy got my HP laptop, which has a much better display than the one he has been using.  I took the Mac Mini he was using, and hooked it up to the TV so we can play movies, Youtube, games and surf the interwebs.  I have had the Mac Mini for 7 years, and it is still running great with an upgrade to Lion. That is one thing I can say about Apple products, they are built to last.  Since I got the new tablet, I handed my older Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 down to Blake, and he gave his HP Slate 7 to Casey.  We are all enjoying some fun new technology today.  Recycling is a good thing.

Hope you are having an awesome day!

Until next time...
Casey worked a 12 hour shift until 7 this morning, but that did not stop him from working on his brakes today.
 And he had to leave at 5:00pm for another 12 hour shift.  He works so hard my Casey.  :)
Mama's new technology.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Music I am listening to today...Owl City, Fireflies

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