Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

My 365...

Since I have created this blog for my family, and to record our history as well as take a photo every single day, I have decided to change the format up a little bit.  It will now be a daily letter to them. Because I love them so much. 

Hello Family.

No more sick would be a good thing.  Blake, this morning you woke up not feeling well at all.  You and I have been sick for over a week now, and it has really sucked!  It does not help that it is cold and raining today. Needless to say, I kept you home from school.  You loved that!

Daddy took you to the doctor this afternoon, and the doctor confirmed that you now have a sinus infection.  The good news is that we are starting you on some antibiotics.  The even better news is that you get to stay home tomorrow.

Besides being sick, you woke up so early because you had a bad dream.  You would not tell me what your dream was about, but you made me promise to live forever.  I assured you that I had already gotten that memo, and although I may not live forever...I am going to try to make it to at least 100.  You then asked me if I would promise to haunt you in a nice way, for the rest of eternity.  Oh my Blake.  I said sure, especially when you are on a date and I don't approve of the young lady.  I will haunt the heck out you! *grin*  Are you sure you want me to haunt you son?  :)

An update on my Nintendo addiction...you are teaching me how to play Animal Crossing, New Leaf.  I have a feeling this is going to be an even worse addiction than Yoshi.  Mama is in trouble now.  Amber and Cooper play this game too, so it will be fun to play with them as well.

Our favorite Youtube'r Phillip DeFranco, had his baby today.  Congratulations Phil and Lindsay!

Casey, you were called in to work at 6:00AM, and you went from being sound asleep to out the door in about 15 minutes.  You love to work hard, and I am so proud of you son.

Until next time...
Poor little chocolate bunny, what happened to your head?
 A cold, dreary day.

Music I am listening to today...Colby Calaillat, Brighter Than The Sun

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