Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

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Oh my goodness gracious what a gorgeous day it is today.  The sky is crystal clear, and the temperature is 53°f, less than 35% humidity.  It is days like today that I am reminded why I LOVE living in Idaho. Absolute climate perfection.

Garrett and Casey have been outside working on their rides today.  Every free moment they get, they are working on their vehicles.  Garrett has completely stripped "The Kraken" inside and out, and he and his friend Travis are rebuilding the engine bit by bit.  When he is not working on the engine, he is working on the body.  He has already primed one of the rear panels, and it looks amazing.

Casey is also rebuilding his car little by little.  He bought a new battery yesterday, and today is working on spark plugs, filters and oil changes....look at me, all talking like I have a clue what they are  Next step for Casey is to replace his brakes, and he is going to do all the work himself.

I am so proud of my boys.  They are not afraid to dive right into any project, large or small. And I love watching them work together. That is the best part of all.  :)

Hope you had a great day planet!

Until next time...
A beautiful spring day in my Boise today.

Casey, working on his 200sx.

The beast...The Kraken.  This truck is going to be amazing when Garrett has finished rebuilding it.

One side panel primed and ready for paint.

And for Throwback Thursday, may I present...the most amazing mohawk ever!  This is from July 2011. Garrett had just given Blake a most "epic" hairstyle.  *love*  #tbt

Music I am listening to today...Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone

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