Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014

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Life is all about boundaries.  As I have gotten older, I feel that is even more true for me.  In years past, when someone asked me to do something, the word "no" had a hard time escaping my lips.  Not any more.  "No" means no...end of statement.

When I say no, it is not because I do not love you, when I say no it is because I do love you. When I am feeling the need for my space and solitude, I will take it. Sometimes I just want to be alone.  If I said yes just so I wouldn't hurt your feelings, ultimately, your feelings will be hurt.  Why?  Because I will start to feel resentful. No one wants to feel resentful.  Especially around the people you love.

Can you tell I am a little cranky today?

The weekends, from this day forward, shall be reserved for biking and fresh air, unless we have a family gathering planned.  Speaking of family gatherings, I will be spending Easter in Nampa next Saturday with my son Brandon, my daughter-in-law Amber, and my adorable grandchildren Cooper and Penny.  I am so excited!!  I love spending time with them.

Today we rest.

Blake and I are still recovering from our bike ride yesterday.  It was so much fun, but exhausting!  And it is not like it was our first ride of the season.  We had two 8 mile rides in March that were delightful.  So why was this ride so hard?  Probably because we were riding against the wind, and we pushed it too hard for the first ride in a couple of weeks.  But that is okay, we will get back into our last season conditioning, where a 18 mile bike ride was like a walk in the park.  Right?  "Are you listening to me body?  Get your act together!  Just because you are 53, does not mean you get to slow down."  :P

I did want to try to ride again today, but Blake said..."Nay, nay mama.  Not gonna happen."  It is really windy today too, winds out of the NW at 22mph.  A great day to fly a kite, not such a great day for bike riding. So I guess I will relax and do laundry.  ( laundry?  Something is not right here?)  May as well get it all done.

Hope your Sunday has been relaxing planet.  Best wishes for an awesome Monday, and a terrific week ahead.

Until next time...

We be chilling today mama.

Music I am listening to today...Eric Clapton, Pretending

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