Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014

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I had an interesting conversation with Blake last night.  He needed to know how to say, "I am breaking up with you" in Spanish, and in a nice way.  Seems he has a new "girlfriend" at school, and things are not working out for him. Does not help that the poor girl speaks no English.

He could not go to sleep until he was sure he had the phrase down, repeating it over...and over again.  He was very serious about this.  I tried really hard to keep a straight face as he practiced.  I will say this, he has great pronunciation of the Spanish language.  My grandmother would be proud.  :)

As for the young lady, I hope she is not too brokenhearted.  Kids these days...way too much drama, way too early.

Hope you had a delightful day today planet.  We sure did.  I enjoyed another family night with my son Brandon, daughter-in-law Amber, and my precious grandchildren, Cooper and Penny.  And sweet baby Penny is walking!  She is only 9 months old.  <3

Until next time...
Family fun Thursday.  :)  

(And I did not notice that I had the camera settings all wrong.  Goodness, I hate it when I do that.) 

Penny with mommy.
 Penny loves Miss Lilly.

  Cooper and uncle Casey.
Penny with daddy.  

#TBT, here is my Throwback Thursday for this week.  From January, 2010, Blake and Dozer enjoying some after school cartoons.  :)

Music I am listening to today...The Piano Guys, How Great Thou Art.

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