Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Today I feel a bit like a bump on a log.  My back has decided to go out, and it was not even by doing something exciting, like climbing a mountain.  No, I just twisted the wrong way and boom...ouch. :(  My best friend today has been a nice hot heating pad, and a comfy chair.  I have just been feeling a bit of blech, which really sucks because it is a gorgeous day outside.

I seriously need to shake things up a bit.  I was telling my Rheumatologist on Monday, that I feel as if I have been really slow to ramp up my activity levels this season, and it is making me feel a bit blue.  She told me she has been having the same problem.  It seems that shaking off the winter blues has been a bit slow going for a lot of people this year.

But not to worry, I shall remain persistent.  I will get past these blues soon.  No reason not to, and I can think of at least a dozen reasons to make it happen!

I KNOW for a fact that once you get into a good exercise routine, you simply can not live without it. Exercise becomes something that you look forward to every single day.  It is just getting past that first step. Granted, I have taken quite a few first steps this season, then something happens to toss me back in first place. ARGH.  I can do this!!

Come on mama...get with the program already.  And body, you had better cooperate with me, or I am going to trade you in for a newer model.

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