Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

What a weird day we had today.  It started out rainy and cold.  So chilly in fact that we had to turn the heater on.  In a way I was happy the weather was a bit dreary today.  It was one of those "oh woe is me, I can not decide what I want to do today" sort of days. Mother nature decided for us.  Thank you Mother Nature.

But then all that changed.  The sun came out and turned our grey, rainy day into a beautiful, sunny, awesome, Idaho spring day.  Mother Nature tends to be a bit bi-polar in our neck of the woods.  Too bad we did not change with her.  Blake, you and I were not feeling very springy today at

Casey on the other hand, was out the door as soon as he woke up.  And this, after he worked from 12 noon yesterday through to 6 AM this morning!  I think he slept all of four hours before he was ready to go out and enjoy the day.  I would love to have just a tiny bit of his energy.  Just a wee little bit.

With all the severe weather taking place from Texas to Arkansas, I appreciate living in a state where the weather is gloriously, peacefully, predictable and somewhat boring.  We never get severe weather here in Idaho.  Sure, we do experience the occasional thunderstorm, but they are often over just as soon as they begin.  I will admit, I miss the excitement of a good "Texas sized" thunderstorm, but I do not miss the stress that often accompanied them.  Late this afternoon I saw we had a severe weather alert in the area.  But where that severe weather is hiding, I do not know?

All in all it has been a quiet day for you and I Blake.

Tomorrow will be a new day of adventures for everyone.  :)

Until next time...

My 365...
It started out a  grey and rainy day.
"No bike ride for you today mama."
Then later this afternoon...this is what severe Idaho weather looks like...
 My goodness, so much blue!
In other news, my excitement for the Android auto-updated.  Yay!  You know you are a die hard geek, when you realize your technology has automatically updated to the latest version of Android, and you squeal with joy.  Yes, I did that last night, I literally squealed with joy.  #nerdgasm

  Android 4.4.2...woot!  Sometimes it is the little things that bring such joy.  Especially if you are a geek.  :P

Music I am listening to today...Iron and Wine, Upward Over the Mountain

The Daily V...I do love the crap out of is what I do.  :)


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,

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