Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014

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Hello April!  The first day of April has been a good one thus far.  I think this is a pretty good indication that it will be an awesome month.  Of course it will be an awesome month, it is my birthday month after all!  :)

It is still raining outside, but that is to be expected for April.  It is a little chillier than I like too...at 37°f . Brrrr....

We experienced a power outage last night just after 9:00PM that lasted until almost 11:00PM.  It seems a car hit a power pole and took out several blocks of power.  It is amazing how quiet everything gets when there is no electricity.  Blake had just started his homework too, so he ended up finishing it by candle light.

We had a funny conversation my Blake and I....

Blake:  "Mom?  Who is your favorite child?"

Me:  "Honey, I don't have a favorite.  I love all of you the same."

Blake:  "Mom, there is no way.  One of us HAS to be your favorite."

Me:  "No honey, you all annoy me equally."

Blake:  "It is me isn't it?  It has to be me."

Me:  "Why is that Blake?"

Blake:  "Because I come first...alphabetically speaking."

Me:  "Ohhh...okay, you got me there, oh favorite son-o-mine."

Silly Blake.  :)

Until next time...
Introducing Bonnie and Clyde.  Every year we have a pair of nesting Mallards on our front lawn.  I am not sure if it is the same pair...that would be cool if it was...but we love them.
 "Who is your favorite duck mama?"
 "It would definitely be you Clyde."
"Yeah...I thought so mama."

Photos from last night...homework by candle light. 

Music I am listening to today...Fleetwood Mac, Gold Dust Woman

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