Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, working on a very special project.  My amazing daughter-in-law has been working hard to make her small business dream come true, and she has honored me with the task of helping her create a logo.  What?  Ahhhhhh, the stress!  It has to be perfect!

But then I realized, that there is no need to stress this.  If you don't like it Amber, you will tell me, and we will work together until it IS perfect.  Communication is the key, and you and I have learned how to communicate.  I think back to all the unnecessary stress we experienced on our journey together, and I am thankful that we have landed here.  Here is a place where we are awesome with each other, and I am not that over-protective, neurotic, boyfriend's mom.  Remember her?  Yikes!  I can not imagine a life without you in it.  I am very honored to be your mother-in-law, grandmother to my precious Cooper and Penny...and your logo designer.  Always remember, I am your biggest cheerleader!  *\o/*  Go Amber!

I am very excited about your business venture, and I am so proud of you and Brandon for having the courage to live the life you want to, and live it on your terms.  You are both amazing people, amazing parents, bad-ass LOL champions, and I love you both soooo much!  You guys make my heart happy.

Okay, back to work on that logo for you.  :)

Until next time.

My 365...
"Sweet Miss Penny, you left your slippers here at grandma's house.  But don't worry my little Sweet P, I will take care of them for you.  I love you honey."

How adorable are these?
Blake, I snapped this picture of you this afternoon when you got home from school.  Why are you in such an all-fired hurry to grow up honey?  Slow the heck down son!
Garrett and Casey taking "The Kraken" for a spin.  Garrett's restoration project is going well.  The truck is looking great Garrett!
I love this old truck.
Today was a great day.

Music I am listening to today...Tristan Prettyman, Say Anything

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