Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

My 365...

I love a delightful spring shower, but I adore a rip-roaring Texas sized thunder storm and that is what we had this morning.  It was so awesome waking up to the thunder bouncing off the mountains and echoing through the valley.  We do not get storms like that often enough!

However, Blake is not a fan of storms.  He always worries that one of the many huge trees in the yard will come crashing down on our heads.  Whenever it storms like it did this morning, he orders us all to "stay together!"  :)  Fortunately other than some hail and heavy rain, the winds were fairly calm.

We all felt quite safe with Blake in charge.

After the storm we went outside to check the flowers, hoping that the hail did not destroy them.

They all look great thank goodness.  :)

I am enjoying a nice day off with the boys.  They have testing tomorrow for reading which I know they will do fine with as they are both amazing readers.

We had such a terrific Easter weekend, and it was wonderful to have my family together with me.  We were missing my daughter, but she still prefers to be on the outside looking in.  Perhaps some day she will realize the burden of carying around ill will and grudges is just too darn heavy and she will put it all down.  How anyone can continue to live with that much anger in their heart and still manage to breathe is beyond my comprehension.  We do love her very much, and want her to be a part of our family more than anything.  <3

No music today, no TV today, just reading.  :)

Until tomorrow....Heaven is other people holding you in their hearts.



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