Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

My 365...

I had a great day today!  We were able to enjoy Brandon, Amber and baby Cooper for almost two whole days.  They just left, and I miss them already.

Cooper was fussing this afternoon, so Brandon made a little bath to dip baby's feet in, and he settled right down.

Brandon is an amazing father, and Amber is a perfect mother.  Cooper just needs to see his mommy and he quiets right down.  Or Brandon will wrap in tightly in a blanket and he settles right down for daddy.  I love watching them together!

Beautiful mommy Amber with baby Cooper.

Casey had his doctor's appointment today, and it went well...I guess.  His doctor seemed like she had her mind elsewhere.  I would have been more comfortable if she had interacted a bit more with Casey.  She did make an adjustment to his meds, and we will check back with her next month.

After the appointment, Casey and I took a quick walk to the greenbelt to take some pictures.  The river is up with the spring thaw, and is HUGE.  The water is all the way to the walking path.

Everything from the center rows of trees and down is usually dry land.
 It started raining, so we had to cut our walk short.  Casey give me the classic "Really mom, do you HAVE to take a picture of me?" face.  lol
 There is still snow in the foothills.
Now this mama is ready for some sleep.  With a happy heart of course.  :)

Music of the day...just a lot of laughter, and sweet baby Cooper babbles.

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