Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010

My 365...

Happy Monday world!

Hope you like my new Holiday blog template, I had fun creating it last night.  With my new found insight, I will have more time for graphics fun.  I miss it.

Home school was definitely better this morning.  I did not feel the pressure to have the boys all done by a certain time because ordinarily my class would start at 5pm and run until 11pm.  That added with at least 4 hours on one of my other projects, getting in at least two on my chat project and taking calls from my medical clients would make Monday through Friday seem like a hectic blur.  I withdrew from the class this morning, and did not schedule any hours for the chat project, so I feel much less stressed and hurried.  I was able to thoroughly enjoy my learning coach position.  Teaching the boys is fun, and it should be.

Here Blake is getting a "bird's eye" view on some of his math problems.  It would have been boring to sit at the desk rather than on  :)

 My photo of the day is one of my Christmas plates. I have four that we purchased several years ago. They as so cute!
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