Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It really is that easy,,,

It really is very easy to get over the anger and the judgement that causes family to fall apart at the very seams that hold it together.  I am right, I am wrong, does not matter to me. 

Life is short, and you only get one chance to get it right.  One chance to celebrate the family that brought you into this world, one chance to celebrate and be proud of the family you came from.  No one is perfect.

Contrary to what you may think, not everyone has an ulterior motive.  Not everyone has a hidden agenda, life is just life.  Today is over no matter how you live it.  Today is gone and all you have left is tomorrow.  How you chose to welcome tomorrow is completely up to you.  How you chose to raise your children is completely up to you, how they turn out is not up to you at all.  You will soon discover that in fact you have in very limited control over tomorrow, or in the outcome of your children's lives.

There is no dry run, no chance to work out all the possible outcomes of the things you do or the things you say that affect all the people who touch your life.

Take advantage of the time God has given you, welcome every moment for healing, welcome every opportunity to get it right and treasure the precious that is family.  When I say "I love you", those are not just three little words...I DO love you.  This is not a power struggle,  I am not in some gross competition to be "Mother of the Year", this is me trying to keep all the pain and hurt of life and protect you from it.  I know now I can't do that.  Mom could not do that for me, and I can not do that for you.  I trust you.  I trust your choices, and I believe in you.  I believe in the person you have become and the person you have yet to be.

My only wish is that you keep family close.  Family is a gift, not everyone has do.


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