Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17, 2010

My 365...

More random Christmas decor, this morning I discovered it on my computer.  Another hint from Blake..."Time to decorate mom!"

He is so cute.  So I made a deal with him, it is what mommies do after all.  You work hard on your daily school assignments, and you win points from the Christmas Decoration fairy.  The more points you win, the closer to complete Christmas decoration madness you come.  Okay?  Deal?


"Okay, okay, we will decorate this weekend.  I promise!  But you have to concentrate on school this week.  No more distractions, I do not want you falling behind."

"Yes mom."

He is so adorable, both boys are.  They can not wait until this place looks like the North Pole!  To be honest, mommy can't wait either.  We love the holidays.  They will be different this year with Meagan and Brandon missing in action, but we will not let that spoil the fun for the boys.  That would not be fair at all.  At least daddy is home now, and Garrett will be here.  We will make it special for them.

Hope your day is going well!  :)

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