Thursday, November 25, 2010

Doggy Daily

Doggy Daily for November 25, 2010

And on this Thanksgiving I am also thankful for....

The dynamic duo of the dog world, the beauty and the beast, the Fred and Ginger, the Dozer and the Diva.  Just about the cutest couple on the block...Dozer and Miss Lilly.

He is patient, loving and just about the sweetest dog I have ever met.  She is neurotic, hyper, demanding and finicky, but I have never been owned by such a loyal and hopelessly devoted canine.  (Even when she is sticking her tongue out at me!)  Love them!

Supra, even though he is just visiting, and he drives me absolutely insane with his huge and goofy antics.  I love the way he comes into my room and puts that big soft face up to mine and you can't help but scratch his soft velvety ears.  He loves that, and he loves us.

And last but not least, the boss-man himself.  He has style, he has grace and he is large and in charge.  Okay, maybe small in in charge?  He reminds me every day the loyalty and love that a dogs brings.

So Happy Thanksgiving to our furry family.  We love them very much, and saved a little turkey just for them!


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