Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6, 2010

My 365...

Another rainy day here in Boise. At least it is a cool 67 degrees! I am not ready for summer at all. It is my least favorite season. Blakey is a little under the weather today with a cough and cold. He is blaming the watermelon. "Mommy as soon as I ate the watermelon I started coughing!" No honey, you were coughing before that, you just don't remember. Poor

I have been feeling great with my RA. No pain at all for several months now. The Enbrel must be working well. Thank God for miracle cures. And thank God for good insurance that covers it! There are so many people in this world who need medications and can not afford them so go through life untreated and suffering. I count my blessings every single second of every single day.

I love this photo for the day. The color contrast is amazing!

To me this flower represents hope. A hope that soon life will return to normal with all my children back in my life. I do miss Meagan and Brandon so much every day. Good families, solid families, can bend and buckle, but they never break. I am praying that is the case with mine.

Congratulations to my cousin who gave birth to her 11th child this week. I think that is so amazing! Happy Birthday to Jack, father of my children. And thoughts and prayers to his sister's family. My brother in law lost his battle with cancer this week. They are in my thoughts and prayers. He was a sweet kind funny man, and I know the world will miss his kind spirit.

Hope your Sunday is going fabulously!!

Love to all...


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