Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010

My 365...

The corner of my yard has a small tiered rock garden. This little rock garden is full of surprises...and weeds.

Every week it has a new surprise! I have NO idea what is growing in there, but there are so many varieties of plants I do not have the heart to clear out what I think may be weeds and what I think may be flowers because they are all so beautiful.

This weeks surprise is this lovely yellow flower that looks like lace.

It is how I view people, there is beauty in everyone. There are people who are so rough and so cruel on the surface, but deep down inside in some dark corner of their existence, is their beauty trying to find it's way to the surface. Hopefully these people can let their beauty shine before they whither and fade away completely.

You only have one lifetime to leave your positive mark on the world. Time does not pause or slow down at your whim...it keeps on ticking. Every day that you let pass harboring anger and resentment, is a day you will NEVER get back. Not ever!

Every day that you continue to cause pain in someone else's world, every day that you continue to cause harm, is a day you will have to answer for. And if you took the time to really look inside of yourself you will realize that you have no right to bring pain and sorrow to another human being at all and that time is better spent bringing joy, love and happiness to your world and the people you love.

No more judgement, no more assumptions, no more selfishness and no more lies. You are wasting precious time. Let it go, live your life and let your beauty shine. Be kind to people. How you treat the world, determines how the world will treat you.

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