Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

My 365...

Casey took a picture of this beautiful rose in our garden. This rose is amazing on so many levels. It knows it is beautiful, it knows it shines. It is tangled in this old rusted fence, but that does not prevent it from showing the flawless beauty the rose has to share with the world.

Sure there are thorns, and those thorns can hurt, but that is not the intention of the thorns. The thorns are there to protect the flower and give the flower a full opportunity to bloom to it's maximum potential before anyone tries to take it away.

Nature knows how it works.

Today is my nephew Eric's birthday. He is one rose that shines so beautifully and completely inside and out. He stands proud and no matter where his roots are planted, he will always look stunning for the world to see.

We all have potential to shine and stand proud. The only way to do that is to open your world and your heart to possibilities. Stop just thinking about what the world can do for you, but what YOU can do for your world.

If you have something important, something of value to say, don't hide. Don't sneak around like a spineless little worm. Don't take precious time and spend it judging people around you. That must be so exhausting. All that time spent in judgement should be time spent in growth, and allowing yourself to shine beautifully for the world to see.

I see you so afraid of truth, and so happy to swim in garbage and untruth and that is sad. You are swimming against a current that will never support you or help you succeed in this game of life. I read everything you say. I feel all the hurt you throw. But what I feel is not sadness and pain within my self. What I feel is sadness and pain for you and the lonely, lost, angry and bitter person you have become living in this life of complete illusion. It must be so lonely where you are.

If you stand by your words, then why do you do everything in your power to hide those words from the people you talk about? That is the true definition of coward. Where is your conviction? What is your battle?

I know two people, a son and a daughter. These two people are the most creative, loving, brilliant people I know and love. But rather than grab life by the horns, let their creativity and brilliance shine, they continue to exist at the bottom of a sad, dark, hidden cave where all the spineless worms thrive. They have to hide from those who love them. They are happy just existing in a world where honesty and integrity do not exist. They are settling for that darkness rather than reaching to their greatest potential and letting the people who "truly" and sincerely love them give them a hand out of the darkness. Not allowing these people to place them squarely on their feet in the brightest lights that can shine. Why is it so much easier to give up?

It is never too late to let your inner rose shine. With love comes forgiveness and freedom. With hate comes deceit and a false support system that will let you fall and not give you a second look.

For my children and for those I love, I will be that rusty fence, I will be those thorns I will hold you up as high as my arms can reach and celebrate the beauty and mystery that is you. I won't encourage hate, anger and bitterness. I will show you love and honesty until the day I die.



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