Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

My 365...

Good Morning Interwebs!

It is virtually impossible to start the day on the wrong foot when you live with a child as insanely hillarious as Blake.

I had decided to sleep in a bit (maybe until 9:00AM) since I was up past 3:00AM. Insomnia is so much fun. NOT!

Blake came in my room this morning bright and early(8:00 AM), jumped on my bed and said..."Let's play a game!"

Okay, what do you want to play?

"I am thinking of a word that starts go first mommy."

"Okay Blake, I am thinking of a word that starts with 'A'..."

"Is it an animal or something you eat?"

"Well Blake it is an animal."

"Is it an ant?"

"That is a good hint, but it is not an insect."

"Oh, like an it A giraffe?"

"Blake, giraffe starts with 'G', and A giraffe is nothing like an ant you silly goose!"

"Oh, it is A goose?"

"Ugh! no Blake it is an anteater." Silly Blakey.

Then we got to D. "Okay Blake I am thinking of a word that starts with 'D'"

"Is it an animal mommy?"

"Yes Blake it is a bird."

"Oh duh, you are kidding! There are so many birds mom!"

"Well you are close honey."

"Huh? Duh - kidding is close?"

"Yes Blake, say duh - kidding really fast three times...."

"Duh kidding, duh kidding, duh kidding...sorry mom I don't get it?"

"Blake the word is duck!

"Mommy, I am not amused!" LOL

We had fun up until it was his turn.

"Mom I am thinking of a word that starts with 'G'"

"Okay is it an animal or a vegetable?"

"I will give you a hint mommy, it is a reptile."

I thought and thought and finally said "Gecko?"

His giggled his head off, "I got you now mommy, it is Girl!"

"What? Blakey, girls are not reptiles?"

"They are on that TV show "V"

UGH!!!! He is such a little stinker! But I love him. :)

After that he insisted we battle some Bakugan. He knew there was NO way mommy could beat him at his own game!

Have a great day world....

UPDATE: Shhhh....mommy won the first


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