Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11, 2010

My 365...

The jungle continues to thrive. There is no rain in the forecast for the weekend, so hopefully that means we can get some lawn work done. I know the boys are going to love the soft grass once it is mowed.

The weather is a lovely 69 degrees today! Nice and cool. :)

I woke up to Blake's sweet sleeping face looking back at me this morning. I guess he could not sleep last night so he crawled into bed with mama. He has a sinus infection and is not feeling well at all these days. I think the tonsils are going to need to come out soon. :(

I was watching him sleep and it is so fascinating to see all the eye movements and face twitches. I can only imagine what is happening in that sweet little head of his. Some technicolor video game with all the bells and whistles, and he and Casey are life sized avatars, locked and loaded with the greatest weaponry ready to take on all the zombies of the world. lol

Every now and then he will smile or giggle in his sleep, so I know he is having a great time! Let me tell you, this boy can dream. Almost daily he describes for me what he dreams about in his sleep. He spares no detail, and the adventures are quite amazing!

When he was younger he would be sitting playing with his toys and he would pause and look up at me, "Mommy, I had a dream...." and he would go on to describe the thought he just had. You see Blake's dreams are not limited to sleep time, my sweet creative boy dreams all the time. :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Blake, taken by his sister four years ago. He was sitting in the back garden watching the little waterfall and almost certainly...having a dream. :)

Have a wonderful weekend world! Remember to dream. Not just when you are sleeping, but every waking moment as well. Just close your eyes and imagine the impossible!

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