Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19, 2010

My 365...

This has been a crazy day! The boys woke me up at 9am, "Mommy, the lady across the street is having a garage sale, can we have some money PLEASE?"

Of course I said NO, we do not need any more junk! After some serious begging I gave in and handed them $35.00.

This is what they purchased!

A leather style sofa, overstuffed chair, and the entertainment center. All clean and in perfect condition!

Blake got a collection of M&M banks, an M&M MP3 player, two RC cars and a kite. Casey got an unopened Monopoly game, a wall clock and an RC truck...all for $35.00!

I was amazed! I had to call Garrett to come move the furniture. He was as shocked as I was at the quality of the furniture. He wanted to put it all in the back of his truck...not my living room. lol

The old love seat went into my room and I threw blankets on it for the dogs to sleep on it. They love it, and my room does not look so empty any more.

Casey and Blake did good! I will never doubt their bargaining skills again. :)

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