Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

My 365...

Just another day in paradise.  What is paradise for you?  For me, paradise is waking up in the morning, and feeling that everything is as it should be.  Garrett has been working on his apartment downstairs, and it looks amazing.  He is boxing up the remnants of what was, and making his space his own.  He has a new focus and enthusiasm that makes me very happy for him.  His life is going in the right direction, and he has the freedom to take that journey anyway he wishes.  I am proud of him.

Casey was up and out the door before 6:00AM to work his shift.  He was so positive and eager to go too.  I love that he loves to work.  And it is hard work too, but the harder the work, the happier Casey is.

Blake did not argue with me this morning when it was time to wake up.  I did not get that..."Just one more hour mama!" over, and over, and over again.  I had his special fruit/veggie smoothie ready to go, and he drank it down like a champ.  He gave me a huge hug and a kiss, our secret handshake, and "I love you more mama", then he was off to conquer his day.

That my friends is paradise.  Living in a world where family matters more than anything else on the planet.  A world where love, nurture, understanding and honesty are the top priorities.  And finally, a world where mama can work from home, and take a nap after everyone leaves.  *grin*

I love a good mid-morning nap.  Retirement suits me!  I think I love this.  :)

Hope you had a fabulous day planet.  Until next time...
Garrett's wall of cameras past.
 A little gruesome, but quite creative indeed.  He is quite the artist.

***Doggy Daily***
Hanging out with Supra the Wonder Dog in the man cave.
 "Wooooo, woooo, wooot!"
 "I hear ya buddy."  :)

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