Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24, 2013

My 365...

Happy Sunday planet!  Another beautiful day in my city of trees.  Crystal clear blue skies, 39°f.  A perfect late Autumn, early Winter day.

My youngest son Blake seems to think his is in love.  I call it "puppy love", but to Blake it is that earth moving, end of all times, forever love.  "Say what?"  That was pretty much my reaction, followed by a pause in the time and space continuum, you now have my undivided attention..."what did you just say son?"  Then a fairly large dose of "mama panic." The conversation within my brain that went something like this...

"He said what?"  He said he is in love?  Oh no he did not!  Age 12, way too soon for girlfriends, drama and angst...especially way too early for any kind of love!  HIT THE BRAKES cosmos...mama does NOT approve!!"

...all the while smiling calmly at Blake, hanging carefully to his every word.

Don't worry planet, that entire conversation just took place in my brain, not with Blake.  I have been a mom long enough to know that the words that come from my mouth have a forever lasting effect, therefore, I need to choose them carefully.  So how did mommy respond you ask?

"Oh...son...really?  First of all, thank you for sharing this with me, I love you for that.  Who is the lucky girl?  Tell me all about her?"  Followed by an urgent secret text messages to his big brothers that read something like this....

"MAYDAY...MAYDAY...I NEED your assistance with Blake NOW!!!!"

Blake wears his heart on his sleeve, and that is never a good thing.  Especially not at the ripe young age of 12.  He has a huge heart too.  He is quite the Romeo.  Fortunately for him, he has three amazing older brothers who can lead him in the right direction.  Amazing, experienced, and very cool older brothers.  They can teach him the ins and outs of the "Boy/Girl" thing....and above all, how to play it cool.  Yes my darling son Blake, time to tune down the "Romeo" thing a major notch or 20.  lol :)

Garrett came into my room to talk to me, and made it all better...after he laughed at me.  He took a step back, gave me the famous Garrett look of disapproval, and said..."Mom, you seriously need to chill out." He tells me times are different now, I should not worry, this is no big deal.

"Are you sure Garrett?"

"Yes mom, I am sure."

When I was 12, boys were those creatures that I would challenge to a race down the street because I could run faster, and climb trees higher than they could.  Romantic interest in boys?  Eeewwww!  Gross!!  No freaking way!!  So imagine my panic to hear Blake talking about love at age 12.  NO!!!!!!!

*~~~~~breathe in~~~~~breathe out~~~~~*

No, no girlfriends for Blake at age 12.  It is way too soon for that level of drama in his life.  Sure, there is the occasionally, friendly, flirty, game of "Tag you're it!"  But NONE of this, "I love you" stuff.  Not yet.  There will be plenty of time for that in 5 - 6 years.  This first love relationship will be limited to interactions at school during lunch and recess, and the occasional on-line chat session.  That I can approve of for now.

Thank God for Garrett, Brandon and Casey, they will help me with Blake, and help him keep his head on straight.  And thank God for my daughter-in-law Amber too.  Other than his brothers, Garrett, Brandon and Casey, and his cousin Eric, I trust NO ONE else other than Amber, to give Blake advice.  Amber is an wonderful mother in her own right, and she is an amazing big sister to Blake.  Amber has my respect.  She loves Blake, and Blake cares about what she has to say.  Between the six of us...we will get Blake off on the right foot, with heart tucked deeply and safely in his chest, where it belongs...for now.  :)

And to all the girls out there who may have a crush on our Blake...beware girls!  You have a very protective mom, three brothers, sister-in-law and three dogs to get through.  Good luck with that.  *grin*

Hope your Sunday was delightful!  Until next time...

"I've got this mom."

"Thank you Casey."
Casey walked Blake up to the school for a game of basketball, and some "Bro" time before he had to go to work.  He is such an amazing big brother.  Thank you Casey.

 Some "Big Brotherly" advice.

***Doggy Daily***
"Don't worry mama..."
 "I will make sure I am the ONLY female in Blake's life for now.  Grrrrrrrr......woof!"
"Thank you Miss Lilly."  :)


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