Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013

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Happy Friday planet!

Today was such a good day.  I had a few issues that I needed to deal with that were causing me a bit of stress, but when I woke up, I knew everything would be okay...and it was.  You just have to stay positive, and keep life real.  Works every time.  :)

The CenturyLink technician came by and fixed my phone.  He also dedicated one line for the modem, so now I am getting really close to the speeds they promised.  I am loving the service so far.  Nothing better than good fast Internet speeds.

This evening Amber and my grandbabies came to spend the evening with me.  I really love spending time with my daughter-in-law Amber.  She is delightful company.  Sweet baby Penny had her immunizations yesterday, so she was not feeling very well.  But even with the feeling poorly, she is still the sweetest little baby.  Cooper enjoyed some play time with his uncle Blake.  I had to laugh, because Cooper said, "No pictures today grandma."  LOL, he knows me too well.

When they left, Amber invited Blake to spend the weekend with them.  Blake loves spending time with his big brother Brandon and Amber.  Looks like I will have a quiet Saturday, but that is okay...I will get to see them again on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
I had to sneak a picture of my grandson Cooper while he was playing.
 My beautiful daughter-in-law Amber, and sweet baby Penny.
Kisses from uncle Blake.
 Smiling for grandma.  She always gives me the most adorable little smiles.  :)
 Some sweet snuggle time with grandma.

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