Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 2, 2013

My 365...

November is new and improved month.  Everything I do this month will be new.  How I eat, how I exercise, how I relax, how I interact with the people I love, and how I create, will all be new and improved.

Plan number one, eat better.  Eating sucks.  Unless I am sitting down to a skillfully prepared dish, I honestly can not stand taking the time to eat.  I can go all day without eating, then just before bed, grab an unhealthy processed something or other just to satisfy my hunger.  And let's face it, processed something or others just make you feel sick and unsatisfied.  *blech!*

This month I am going to blend.  Not to be confused with juicing, because this mama likes to have some texture in her food.  No, I am going to blend.  I am hoping this will encourage me to eat more often during the day, at least breakfast, lunch and dinner, and add some much needed fresh ingredients and nutrients to my diet.  What could be easier than tossing some spinach, apple, carrot, grapes, cucumber, kale, fresh ginger and coconut water with a splash of lemon into a blender, pushing a button...and enjoying and instant food smoothie?  Sounds fabulous to me.  I think the boys will enjoy it.  It will be good for Casey post jaw surgery too.

Plan number 2 for November, add some walking.  Dozer is getting old, and really needs some exercise. Poor dear has been banished to the dining room once again because he is blowing his coat so badly, and he insists upon rolling in the dirt like a little piggy.  He needs a serious grooming.  My goal for this month is to walk not only Dozer, but Supra the Wonder Dog too.  I know I can walk the two together...yeah I know, that is probably 250 pounds or more of solid dog, but I used to walk Dozer with our Malamute all the time, and Timber was a powerful dog.  I need to get these two to get along.  Dozer loves Supra...Dozer loves everyone...but Supra can be a bit temperamental.  I think I can handle them, that is if Garrett lets me.  He worries they may be too much dog for mama.  "Grandma dragged down the road by a Great Dane and a Great at 11:00."  I am not too worried...I am the alpha bitch in this house, and they know it!  LOL :)

Plan number 3 is creative awesomeness.  I am participating in NANOWRIMO this month, and am already almost 1500 words into my book.  A bit of a slow start, but I am still working on my storyline.  I am going to sit at my desk every morning and simply write.  Spew words of awesomeness into my computer, and see what develops.  I will also be continuing My 365 blog of course.  Would you believe, that including this post, I have posted at least one photo a day for 1,401 consecutive days without missing a single day? Woot! I am having too much fun to stop now.

Hope your weekend is going great planet.  Until next time...

I stocked up on the fresh produce today.  Well, as fresh as you can get it in a supermarket.  I really wish we had access to a 24/7 farmers market.  Supermarket produce is quite lackluster these days.

My first blending of the day was kale, spinach, apple, grapes, banana, carrots, cucumber and a slice of lemon, all rinsed and tossed into the blender with 1 cup of coconut milk, and a little water....hit the liquify button and....

...a glass of green goodness. it is delicious!  Really truly yummy.  It came out creamy and tasty with all the pulpy/fiber lumpy goodness.  Very refreshing as well.  I think I am going to love this fruity/veggie salad in a glass.  :)
 Blake thought it was good too.
 So good that he had a mug of it himself.  Success!
Now don't get me wrong here, I am not turning into a vegan or anything extreme like that, I will still enjoy traditional foods, and the occasional "not-so-healthy" snacks like chips and salsa. (Blake and I are partaking in chips and salsa this evening.) 

The salsa is healthy...the chips, not so much.  I make my salsa fresh though, none of that junk in a jar for me.  It is easy too.  Just roast the peppers in the oven for a while, toss all the fresh ingredients in the blender and done.
I have a feeling my blender is going to be my new best friend.  :)

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