Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29, 2013

My 365...

And just like that, the long week off of school is almost over.  :*(  I have loved having Blake home all week, it reminded me of home schooling.  We still have two days to go though, so we are going to enjoy them!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  Jack has changed so much since he had his surgery, and is more like the man I married.  I have always loved him...just never liked him very much.  Lately, I like him a lot more.  After almost 30 years of marriage, this is a good thing.  :)

The plan for today was Christmas decorating, but my cold seems to be getting worse.  I did manage to re-arrange the living room, and get the tree "floofed" and vertical.  It is not decorated yet, but I will get there...eventually.  No shopping on this Black Friday for me.  I don't fall into the hopeless black hole that is a commercialized Christmas.  For me, Christmas is about spending time with family, and celebrating the awesome that is life.  That is what He intends for us after all.

Hope you had a great day!

Until next time...
"Oh I am sorry son...did not mean to interrupt your X-Box game."  lol :)

 My little Christmas tree is floofed, vertical, and ready to receive some lights and decorations.

 Miss Lilly photo bomb.

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